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Pollens and Pollinosis: Current Problems

Pollens and pollinosis - pollen allergy - congress materials

Papers presented at the Second Symposium "Pollens and Pollinosis: Current Problems", Lublin (Poland), 1-2 December 1995.
Edited by Radoslaw Spiewak, MD.

Scientific Committee and Organisers

Part One: Pollens

Airborne particles: Pollens in context. J. Lacey (Pages 11-15).

For a reliable net of measurement of pollen and fungal spores occurence in the air of Poland. K. Szczepanek, K. Harmata, I. Kasprzyk, D. Myszkowska, A. Stach, D. Stepalska (Pages 16-17).

Pollen monitoring in Poland. P. Rapiejko (Pages 18-20).

Short- and long-term trends in the pollen concentration of some plants in the Three-Town area in the years 1994-1995. M. Latalowa, M. Gora (Pages 21-22).

Pollen calendar for the Three-Town area - results from 1994-1995. M. Latalowa, M. Gora (Pages 23-24).

Airborne pollen concentration in different parts of Warsaw. P. Rapiejko, D. Jurkiewicz, A. Lipiec, B. Samolinski, E. Orkan-Lecka (Page 25).

Daily fluctuations in the concentrations of pollen grains in aeroplankton of Krakow in 1991. D. Myszkowska, M. Stobiecki, K. Obtulowicz, K. Szczepanek (Page 26).

Pollen fall of certain allergenic plants in Poznan in the years 1992-1995. The basis for the compilation of a pollen calendar for Poznan and surrounding area. A. Stach (Pages 27-28).

Diurnal concentrations of airborne pollen in Rabka (southern Poland) in 1991. I. Kasprzyk (Page 29).

Phenological analysis of airborne sporomorphs in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski in 1995. I. Kasprzyk (Pages 30-31).

Aeropalynological data for Moscow (Russia), 1994. E. Severova, S. Polevova (Pages 32-33).

Bacterial microflora of allergenic pollens. R. Spiewak, Z. Prazmo, J. Sitkowska, J. Dutkiewicz (Pages 34-35).

Fungal microflora of allergenic pollens. R. Spiewak, E. Krysinska-Traczyk (Pages 36-37).

Bacterial endotoxin in allergenic pollens. R. Spiewak, C. Skorska (Pages 38-39).

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Part Two: Pollens and Pollinosis

Pollen fall and pollinosis morbidity in Poznan during 1993-1994. T. Hofman, A. Stach (Pages 43-46).

Phenological changes and probability of allergic symptoms to selected pneumoallergens in Rabka during 1991-1995. J. Gawel, H. Halota, R. Kurzawa, Z. Doniec, K. Pisiewicz (Pages 47-48).

The amount of pollen and the frequency of the positive skin-test reactions. B. Samolinski, P. Rapiejko, M. Arcimowicz, E. Zawisza (Page 49).

Frequency of positive skin-test reactions to plant allergens. M. Arcimowicz, B. Samolinski, E. Zawisza, P. Rapiejko (Page 50).

The frequency of positive skin prick tests with plant pollen allergens and pollen fall in the Lublin area. T. Stelmasiak, Z. Bartnik, E. Weryszko-Chmielewska, I. Pidek, G. Adamiak, P. Rapiejko (Pages 51-52).

The correlation between allergen-specific IgE concentration (RAST/CAP) in 411 allergic patients and pollen count. T. Malaczynska, A. Szurogajlo, D. Szybinska, P. Rapiejko (Pages 53-54).

Prevalence of specific IgE in relation to selected aeroallergenic pollen in Rabka during 1991-1995. J. Gawel, K. Sordyl, H. Halota, R. Kurzawa, Z. Doniec, K. Pisiewicz (Page 55).

Ambrosia pollen grains in aeroplankton of Krakow and their role in pollen allergy of this region. K. Obtulowicz, K. Szczepanek, D. Myszkowska (Page 56).

Olive pollen allergy among patients with pollinosis in Poland. K. Buczylko (Pages 57-58).

Crossreactions of pollen allergens. B. Samolinski, M. Arcimowicz, E. Zawisza, P. Rapiejko (Page 59).

Prevalence of allergic rhinitis among Polish children from urban and rural regions. A. Emeryk, J. Postepski, G. Gornicka, J. Barycki, G. Kawiak, K. Pisiewicz (Pages 60-63).

Pollen allergy in industrial and rural regions. K. Obtulowicz, T. Kotlinowska, M. Stobiecki, T. Sajak, K. Dechnik, A. Hudzik, T. Laczkowska (Page 64).

Air pollution and hay fever morbidity. P. Rapiejko, A. Szurogajlo, M. Hermanowski, B. Samolinski, M. Wojciechowski (Page 65).

Air pollution and treshold exposure concentration of allergenic pollen grains. P. Rapiejko, A. Szurogajlo, E. Zawisza, D. Jurkiewicz, B. Samolinski, R. Szamborski (Page 66).

Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis caused by insects Lymantria monacha L. P. Rapiejko, D. Jurkiewicz, A. Lipiec, B. Samolinski, A. Grzelak (Page 67).

Allergic symptoms provoked by honey consumption. P. Rapiejko, D. Jurkiewicz, A. Lipiec, B. Samolinski, M. Tokarska (Page 68).

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Part Three: Pollinosis

Local and general symptoms of pollinosis. K. Buczylko (Pages 73-77).

Airborne dermatitis. E. Rudzki (Page 78).

Cojunctivitis caused by pollen allergy - an overlooked clinical problem? B. Wach, L. Stawska-Trzaskowska, R. Spiewak, M. Prost, W. Matysiak (Pages 79-80).

Pollinosis - epidemiology and clinics in the patients of Allergic-Laryngeal Outpatient Department in Bialystok. B. Poludniewska, M. Kudelska-Rozanska (Page 81).

Principles of diagnostics and therapy of pollinosis in pre-school children. J. Hofman (Pages 82-83).

Allergic skin tests and nasal provocation tests in asthmatic children. G. Gornicka, A. Emeryk, J. Pietraszek-Mamcarz (Pages 84-86).

Visagnost, a screening test for diagnosis of allergy compared with Cap-FEIA system. S. Bialek, H. Baltaziuk-Bialek, E. Zawisza, J. Pachecka (Pages 87-88).

Pollen allergy: Clinical problems and variety of pathomechanisms. K. Obtulowicz, T. Kotlinowska, A. Mazurkiewicz, B. Kacalska (Pages 89-90).

Allergen-induced changes in nasal mucosa cytograms in hay fever. B. Tarchalska-Krynska, E. Zawisza, P. Rapiejko (Page 91).

Monocyte Chemotactic and Activating Factor/Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 (MCAF/MCP1) in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL-f) in patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis. K. Jahnz-Rozyk, P. Kuna, T. Plusa, E. Pirozynska (Page 92).

The specific immunotherapy in pollinosis. S. Chyrek-Borowska (Page 93).

The clinical and immunological effects of specific immunotherapy (sIT) with tree and weed pollen allergen extracts in patients with hay fever. W. Szymanski, A.M. Rogalewska, S. Chyrek-Borowska (Pages 94-95).

The influence of therapeutical pollen extracts on basophil histamine release in patients with hay fever. A. M. Rogalewska, I. Michalska, W. Szymanski, S. Chyrek-Borowska (Pages 96-97).

Pollen allergy. Sublingual immunotherapy with Perosall T vaccine. K. Obtulowicz, T. Kotlinowska, K. Dechnik (Page 98).

Influence of specific immunotherapy with Catalet (Biomed, Poland) on serum timothy specific IgG4 levels in patients allergic to grass pollens. T. Stelmasiak, H. Mach, A. Kondraszuk (Page 99).

Clinical applicability of rhinomanometry in the monitoring of specific immunotherapy in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis. R. Spiewak, K. Buczylko (Pages 100-102).

A clinical investigation of the efficacy of Cromosol Solution (in 2% and 4% concentrations) produced by Polfa Pharmaceutical Works in Rzeszow compared with Lomusol Solution produced by Fisons in the treatment of pollinosis in children and teenagers. R. Kurzawa, M. Kossek, Z. Doniec, H. Mazurek, B. Samelska, E. Urbanek, U. Jedrys (Pages 103-104).

This web edition of the conference book is dedicated to Professor Jacek Dutkiewicz, PhD, on his 70th birthday.

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